Ingram v. Serendipity Land Yachts

In a class action lawsuit, passengers with mobility disabilities who use wheelchairs and scooters on Amtrak Thruway Bus services in California alleged that the defendants failed to comply with various state and federal laws concerning the safe transportation of bus passengers who use wheelchairs (including scooters) and the proper training of bus drivers to provide respectful and courteous service to passengers with disabilities.

The June 2000 Settlement Agreement provided that passengers who use wheelchairs, including scooter users, who board dedicated Amtrak Thruway Buses in the California will be provided with wheelchair lift equipment and securement and restraint devices to enable them to ride safely.The settlement also mandated that California Amtrak Thruway Bus operators also provide information and training to drivers and maintenance personnel to help ensure that access features remain in working order, and that passengers encounter respectful and courteous service.