California Access Compliance Survey

On Monday, December 4, 2006 Alberto L. Gonzalez, California Department of Justice Special Assistant Attorney General circulated an email questionnaire concerning access problems in businesses that are open to the public. His message says:

“I have attached a survey questionnaire regarding access compliance concerns. My interest in the questionnaire stems from the recent series of articles locally in the Sacramento Bee on access compliance. The questionnaire is an informal survey that will allow me to assess the state of affairs in access compliance. The questions attempt to cover several reoccurring issues and seek to obtain information on how to obtain compliance with access laws. Any shortcomings in the survey are attributable solely to me.

Please provide the survey to any interested parties. The format of the survey is in WORD and can be completed and returned to my e-mail address:

If a recipient would prefer to speak with me directly, they are welcome to call me to arrange to answer the survey. Either I or Polanco Fellow Esmeralda Soria will conduct the interview over the phone.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter and thank you in advance for participating in the survey.”

(916) 324-5369 fax: 322-0206