Foster Youth Higher Education Preparation and Support Act


Requests campuses of the California Community Colleges, California State University, and the University of California to designate a foster youth campus support program coordinator using new or existing resources to provide comprehensive support to all students who are current or former foster youth on public postsecondary educational institution campuses. The goal of foster youth campus support programs is to provide former foster youth attending higher education with specialized academic, social and financial support.


Held under submission in committee (died)

Our Position: Support

DREDF strongly supports AB 2093 for recognizing that foster youth were removed from their homes for abuse, neglect and abandonment, often from a very young age and often emancipate from foster youth without the traditional family supports that provide the crucial safety net for young adults. Foster care students who transition from high school to college campuses have needs that differ from those of their non-foster peers. Student services personnel at most post-secondary institutions are unfamiliar with or unprepared to address the unique needs of this population. If passed, AB 2093 will assist foster youth to mature into healthy, self-sufficient adults and go on to enjoy successful lives.