English Learner Authorization and Intern Credentials


Adopt policy regarding interns and the awarding of an English Learner Authorization. Direct staff to develop 1) proposed regulations for the Commission to consider at the April 2013 meeting, and 2) a process to work with intern programs regarding how programs will plan to provide preparation for the English Learner Authorization to interns who do not already hold this authorization.

Our Position: Support

Faced with unique learning needs, ELs require teachers specially trained to help them learn English while simultaneously advancing their content area development. The Commission’s current practice of labeling interns as fully authorized to teach ELs before they have completed the specialized training required to earn their EL authorization is both unlawful and detrimental to this at-risk population. The Commission’s policy should reflect the uncontroverted research that ELs need prepared teachers. The proposed action to require that interns complete their EL coursework and fieldwork before they receive an EL authorization will benefit the tens of thousands of ELs currently taught by interns throughout the state.