The Welfare and Institutions Code – Relating to Medi-Cal

An act to repeal and add Section 14105.485 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to Medi-Cal.


AB 582 would create a separate category for complex medical technology (CRT) in the Medi-Cal program. It would also ensure that providers who are evaluating the customer’s need for devices and fabricating and assembling CRT possess appropriate qualifications to do so and are certified for this role.


In Committee process

Our Position: Support

AB 582 would improve access to CRT for anyone who requires them and who is covered by Medi-Cal, and it would also protect consumers by ensuring that CRT providers are qualified. It should result in improvements in the functioning of CRT equipment and lower costs bourn by beneficiaries for ongoing CRT upkeep and the need for additional modifications that can be required when work is carried our by unqualified providers. They should also reduce periods of dysfunction when equipment is out of service. For those who require a wheelchair for all their mobility needs, high functioning CRT can mean the literal difference between independence and being unnecessarily and completely immobilized.