Amend Section 32282 of the Education Code

An act to amend Section 32282 of the Education Code, relating to school safety.


SB 549 requires school and school districts within their school safety plans to better define the role of police officers on campus in order to promote effective strategies towards school safety that better support a healthy school climate and student achievement. It additionally prioritizes funding for school counselors and administrators before police officers.


In Committee process

Our Position: Support

California has the second worst student to counselor ration in the nation of 1 counselor for every 810 students despite a best practice standard of 250-to-1. Now more than ever, supporting safe and healthy school environments requires directing our critical resources towards proven prevention strategies that counselors and intervention workers can implement, such as, mental health services, school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports, restorative and transformative justice programs and additional supports that truly foster a positive and engaging school environment to maximize student growth and achievement.SB 549 takes an important step forward in ensuring our children remain safe in school.