Involuntary Transfer

An act to amend Sections 1981, 1983, 48660.1, 48662, and 48918 of, to add Sections 1981.5 and 48662.5 to, and to repeal Section 1981.2 of, the Education Code, relating to pupils.


SB 744 addresses the due process rights of youth involuntarily transferred to county community or community day schools and also closes a loophole in the discipline statute that allows such transfers even when an expulsion of a student is not recommended.


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Our Position: Support

County community/community day schools were originally intended to provide a temporary rehabilitative placement to help our most vulnerable students get back on track and back to their comprehensive school. Unfortunately, many students are now sent to these schools without any due process or a clear plan for them to ever return to a comprehensive school, and with minimal consideration of the appropriateness of the educational placement for the individual student. As a result, too many students do not succeed and end up dropping out completely.