DREDF represents the American Diabetes Association in the California Supreme Court

As you may know, DREDF is representing the American Diabetes Association (ADA) with co–counsel Reed Smith, LLP, as intervenor in a case of critical importance to California schoolchildren with diabetes and their rights to diabetes health related services in school and during school–sponsored activities. The case is set for hearing before the California Supreme Court on May 29, 2013, and a decision will issue within 90 days. In American Nurses Assn. et al. v. Tom Torlakson as Superintendent of Public Instruction et al. (American Diabetes Assn., Intervenor), No. S184583, the issues involve whether designated school personnel who are not licensed nurses are allowed to administer insulin to students.

You can read more about the effect of this issue on families and students who live with diabetes in this recent article. As parent Barbara Wright states, “Parents and kids are already living with this disease 24/7,” she said. “To place any more obstacles in our way is just so frustrating for us.”

5.29.13 UPDATE: According to coverage of today’s oral arguments, the Court indicated that they may let non-licensed personnel give insulin shots to the estimated 14,000 students living with diabetes who are now in California public schools.