Johnny T. and Lihn N. v. Vy Chi Nguyen, MD, et al.

Despite advances in education, awareness, and legal protections, people living with HIV continue to face stigma and discrimination in critical areas such as health care. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits medical providers from discriminating against potential or actual patients based on their disabilities. Johnny T. and Linh N. experienced discrimination when they were informed by their long-time CalOptima Medi-Cal physician that he would no longer treat them, citing a CalOptima policy as apparent justification. According to the provider, CalOptima informed him that he could not treat patients with HIV unless he had a separate waiting area for them. The Complaint was filed in November 2016.

One thought on “Johnny T. and Lihn N. v. Vy Chi Nguyen, MD, et al.

  1. monya harrison

    I am sad about this situation. Not only this is happening to HIV patients, but everyone whom has a long-term illness; such as MS, SC ANEMIA, HEP. C, LUPUS, ADHA, etc. It just out right sad.

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