Take Action! The AHCA is a Very Bad Idea for People with Disabilities

The AHCA will place the lives of children and adults with disabilities at risk. Vote No on Thursday!

Medicaid home and community-based services make it possible for Alana Theriault to work, live in her own home with her partner, spend time with friends, and be active in her community. If the American Health Care Act passes, all of that is at risk. Her life could be at risk.

That’s the short, simple, and honest message you can leave with your member of Congress today, and it could stop a bill that will cause harm.

The House of Representatives is set to vote on the AHCA tomorrow, Thursday, March 23. The Congressional Budget Office found that the per capita caps on Medicaid spending in the AHCA would result in a reduction of $880 billion in funding to the states.

Home and community-based services like those Alana uses are provided at state option. These services make it possible for millions of children and adults with disabilities to live in homes of their own and for many adults with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to work and pay taxes. The loss of Medicaid funding to the states embedded in the AHCA will result in a reduction of these life-saving and life-affirming services.

Please contact your Representative today.

It’s easy, only takes a few minutes and can make a huge difference.

Phone, email, Twitter, Facebook – here’s the link to find contact information for your Representative:


Visit DREDF’s website for more information about the AHCA.