Atlantic Documentary: The Disabled Fight for Health Care

For this short documentary, The Atlantic‘s Jeremy Raff traveled to the heart of the disability rights movement in the San Francisco Bay Area to learn why people with disabilities fear the Republican health plan. In the compelling 10 minute video, DREDF’s own Mary Lou Breslin relates that cuts to Medicaid could ultimately cost 3 million people with disabilities their freedom, and erode “40 years of hard won gains by the disability rights movement.”

This short, hard-hitting report contextualizes the current controversy with other interviews featuring Stacey Milbern, Alana Theriault, Tammy Duckworth, Judith Heumann and compelling video of National ADAPT‘s recent protests interspersed with historic footage from the HHS sit-in and DREDF’s The Power of 504 video.

Please share/RT using the hashtag #SaveMedicaid to coincide with upcoming July 12 Disability Call-In Day activities.

Read The Atlantic Article.

This documentary was produced by Jeremy Raff as a project for the USC Center for Health Journalism California Fellowship.

2 thoughts on “Atlantic Documentary: The Disabled Fight for Health Care

  1. Linda Roberts

    Senate GOP Health Care Bill must be a resounding NO vote in anyone’s conscience-devastating to the most vulnerable in our United States. Everyone deserves the compassion of health care and services to provide QUALITY of life. Vote NO

  2. virgil Edwards

    It seems hard for me to understand how some of these republicans can actually think that they can strip people of their needs to survive so that the rich can get a tax cut. There is no conscience or humanity in their actions. We are going to loose all the things needed for people to survive and be a useful part of our country.

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