Lawrence Carter-Long

Lawrence Carter-Long is difficult man to peg or to pin down – and that’s just the way he likes it. He has been a poster child, a modern dancer, a radio show host and producer, and was the curator/co-host of groundbreaking festival “THE PROJECTED IMAGE: A HISTORY OF DISABILIY ON FILM” on Turner Classic Movies reaching 87 million people. His advocacy has been awarded by the likes of former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the American Association of People with Disabilities. Formerly the Public Affairs Specialist for the National Council on Disability—the independent federal agency that brought us the Americans with Disabilities Act, he joined the Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund in July 2017, as their first-ever Director of Communications and spearheads their revitalized Disability and Media Alliance Project.  In his communications work, Lawrence has both set-up media coverage of numerous disability issues in, and been interviewed by, respected outlets like USA TODAY, ASSOCIATED PRESS, the NEW YORK TIMES, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, THE DAILY SHOW, the BBC and CNN among others. He’s even given DEAR ABBY advice about disability and dating.

Lawrence Carter-Long sitting on a stool giving a talk at a conference.