Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Coverage

Medicare Methodology for Adjusting Payment Amounts for Certain Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics (March 28, 2014)

We opposes expansion of competitive bidding to include either additional regions or additional product categories because such actions will limit options available to people with complex, ongoing disabilities who require durable medical equipment (DME).

Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Program Act of 2013 (May 22, 2013)

We support the Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Act of 2013 because equipment and devices used by many people with disabilities that are essential for health, function, and productivity must be selected and often modified to meet unique individual needs and requirements. Therefore, such individualized equipment and devices should not be subject to a reimbursement policy that views them simply as fungible commodities or products subject to the lowest bid price

Comments on Proposed Standards Related to Essential Health Benefits, Actuarial Value, and Accreditation under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (December 26, 2012)

DREDF’s comments emphasize that long–standing health insurance discrimination experienced by people with disabilities will not be remedied through a simple prohibition on discrimination in benefit design and implementation.

In 2008, DREDF launched an initiative to remove annual benefit limits on durable medical equipment in private health plans in California (February 13, 2008)

California Senator Sheila Kuehl introduced SB 1198 on February 13, 2008, legislation DREDF crafted that will prohibit private health insurers from limiting benefits for durable medical equipment. DREDF and Protection and Advocacy are working together to advocate for the bill’s enactment.