Paraguay – Political constitution of 1992 (abstracts)

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Article 46. All the inhabitants of the Republic are equal in dignity and rights. There shall be no discrimination. The State shall remove obstacles and prevent their maintenance or encouragement. Measures of protection which may be established respecting unjust inequalities shall not be considered as discriminatory but as egalitarian elements.

Article 58. Persons with impediments shall be guaranteed health care, recreation and vocational training to ensure their full social integration. The State shall guarantee a policy for the… rehabilitation and integration of persons with physical, psychical or sensory disabilities, who shall be given the specialised care they require. They shall be entitled to the exercise of the rights which this Constitution grants to all inhabitants of the Republic, with equal opportunities to compensate for their disadvantages.


Article 88. There shall be no discrimination of any kind against workers for ethnic reasons or on the grounds of sex, religion, social rank or political belief and trade union affiliation. The work of persons with physical or mental disabilities or incapacity shall be given special protection.

Article 92… Equal wage for equal work.