National Agreement Reached to Improve Accessibility at Stations Owned by Chevron

PR Newswire Association, Inc.
(Feb 2, 1999)

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2: Chevron (NYSE: CHV) and the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) today announced a comprehensive agreement that will improve access for customers with disabilities at stations owned by Chevron throughout the United States.

The amicable agreement resulted from the settlement of a class action lawsuit filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by plaintiffs represented by Arlene Mayerson, attorney for the Berkeley, Calif.-based Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), and Lainey Feingold, a civil rights lawyer.

As part of the agreement, which covers more than 1,600 stations owned by Chevron, the company will survey each station and complete any necessary improvements within the next five years. Other Chevron stations are not covered by this agreement.

In addition, Chevron will broaden its existing employee training program and add more accessibility information to enhance employee sensitivity and increase the level of service offered to customers with disabilities.

“This agreement is consistent with Chevron’s business philosophy and complements efforts already under way to make Chevron products and services accessible to everyone,” said Dave Reeves, general manager of retail marketing for Chevron Products Co. He noted that many Chevron stations are already accessible and/or provide services, such as fueling assistance, to those with disabilities.

“With this cooperative agreement, Chevron has demonstrated a strong commitment to its customers with disabilities,” said Feingold.

Mayerson applauded Chevron’s commitment to increase access to fuel pumps, convenience stores and restrooms in stations nationwide. “The agreement with Chevron sets a standard which should be followed by all companies.”

Finalization of the settlement, which still requires approval by the U.S. District Court, is expected to take several months. DREDF has established a toll-free number to answer questions from class members: 800-284-6821.