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About DREDF’s Healthcare Work

We advocate for state and federal laws and policies aimed at eliminating the complex barriers people with disabilities experience when they try to access healthcare. We also conduct research, author journal articles, comment on federal healthcare regulations, train Medicaid health insurers, develop model policies for accommodating people with disabilities in medical settings, and build alliances with like minded colleagues in the health policy and aging fields.

Barriers‎ and Solutions
February, 2014

Focusing on widespread barriers to care, these three, short video excerpts from our acclaimed HEALTHCARE STORIES series feature stories about inaccessible examination tables and weight scales and healthcare provider misperceptions and stereotypes. Advocates and practitioners alike recount their personal experiences and recommend actions for improving care. These downloadable videos present an all-important human perspective and affirm the barriers to care identified in a decade of research.


Improving Access to Health Care for People with Disabilities
DREDF releases self–directed health care training modules for aging and disability organizations.
Improving Access to Health Care for People with Disabilities is intended to help senior, disability, and affinity organizations to develop their capacity to assist people with disabilities access health care and long-term services and supports (LTSS). October 2014

Preserving the Census Bureau’s Disability Questions
DREDF collaborated with CCD and PIPC to defend the Census Bureau’s six disability questions from attack. Read the letter (PDF). July 18, 2014

Advocate’s Guide To California’s Coordinated Care Initiative
Implementation of the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) in California is now underway in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, and San Mateo counties. DREDF and NSCLC announce Version Three of the Guide (PDF), which provides the most recent information on the CCI. July 2014

Disability Guide and Factsheets for Federal Marketplace Navigators
DREDF, in collaboration with the American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) created the Guide to Disability for Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Navigators (PDF) and 15 substantive fact sheets on topics such as getting and using health plan evidence of coverage and the process for Medicaid eligibility.

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