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Speeches & Remarks


4.23.07 From Civil Rights to Human Rights, Comments by Silvia Yee, DREDF Attorney – 30th Anniversary of the 504 Sit–In

The San Francisco Mayor's Council on Disability recently commemorated the 30th anniversary of the 26—day sit–in that led to the enactment of Section 504 regulations. At the event, DREDF attorney Silvia Yee shared some thoughts on what it means to move from civil rights to human rights.


2.3.07 The State of the ADA and California Law, a speech delivered by Linda D. Kilb, Esq. at the Hastings Disability Law Symposium, San Francisco, California

An exploration of California's history and its relationship wtih the federal government to make sense of the role of the Americans with Disabilities and state disability civil rights laws.


10.3.2001 The Status of the Disability Rights Movement, October 2001, the keynote speech delivered by by Linda D. Kilb, Esq, at the Metro Disability Commission Breaking Barrier Awards, Louisville, Kentucky

At the Kentucky Breaking Barriers Award, one month after 9-11, Linda Kilb reflects on the growth of federalism and its impact on disability civil rights.