Insulin Administration Action Alert

Last year, the American Diabetes Association and the California Department of Education entered into an agreement that, among other things, made sure students with diabetes had access to insulin at school by allowing trained non-medical school personnel to administer insulin when a nurse was not available.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) and several other organizations representing nurses brought a lawsuit seeking to prevent this from taking place. They argued that under state law only a nurse can administer insulin despite the severe shortage of nurses in the state. Today, a Superior Court judge agreed.

We are angry because we know that the position ANA and the other organizations have taken is not in the best interests of children with diabetes. School nurses cannot be in all places at all times when students with diabetes need insulin. For now, we are considering our options to respond, but you can be assured of two things:

  • First, your children are still protected by state and federal laws. California public schools are still required to provide diabetes care services, including insulin, to students. (Also note that this ruling does not affect children who can self-administer insulin nor does it prevent non-medical school personnel from administering glucagon.)
  • Second, we will continue to work together to make sure that every child with diabetes in California and throughout the country is safe at school.

Parents who are having difficulty with diabetes care at school, particularly insulin administration, should contact ADA at 1-800-DIABETES.