Team of Advocates for Special Kids

Anaheim, CA
Postsecondary Education Referrals for Students with Disabilities
June 2008

Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities.
This website will provide information and links to anyone interested in finding out more about the possibilities. The site is divided into sections for students, family members, and professionals and features the following:

  • Searchable database of postsecondary education programs that support youth with intellectual disabilities, designed to allow individuals to submit information about additional postsecondary education programs.
  • Discussion board designed by students — for students who are interested in sharing college experiences.
  • “Choice for Everyone” Listserv, hosted by the Institute on Disability, at the University of New Hampshire. Membership includes family members and a wide range of professionals.
  • Resource section that contains web-based resources with links to other sites and a bibliography listing related publications. Individuals will be able to submit suggestions for additional links and publications.

Venture: The Degree Program for Unique Learners
Bellevue Community College
10700 Northup Way
Mailstop W279
Bellevue, WA 98004-1416 (425) 564-2844.
Contact Cynthia Johnson
The Nation’s first higher education degree program for students with developmental disabilities launched With an expanded curriculum of 52 separate courses, Bellevue Community College’s Venture program now offers a 90-credit Associate in Essential Studies degree through which high-functioning individuals with learning, cognitive and intellectual disabilities can demonstrate mastery of an established body of knowledge and gain the skills for lifetime success. Provides triangulation of Curriculum Elements: Academics, Workforce Development, Social & Life Skills
Gersh College Experience – Post Secondary Program for Students with Neurobiological Disorders
The Gersh Experience at Daemen College
(631) 385-3342.

Located in the Buffalo, New York area, The Gersh Experience, in partnership with Daemen College , offers fully accredited, college level courses leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in a variety of majors in the Arts and Sciences, Health and Human Services, Pre-Professional Programs and Interdisciplinary Studies. The instructors are Daemen faculty, 85% of whom have doctorates or terminal degrees in their field of expertise. Consultants knowledgeable of the needs of individuals with neurobiological disorders will work with both the faculty and students to build relationships, clarify expectations, support learning, and assist in the successful completion of course work. Each Gersh student works closely with an advisor to develop a customized program to address the student’s goals, interests, and needs. Study skills classes are provided regularly throughout each semester to assist students in developing their academic skills. Tutoring is available both individually and in small learning communities whenever a student is experiencing difficulty with the content of one or more of his/her classes. Additionally, review sessions are held prior to major examinations in all courses being offered on the Gersh campus.

During the first and second year of coursework through the Gersh Experience, each student participates in the development of a transition plan to prepare for taking coursework in subsequent years on the Daemen campus. Each student’s transition plan will describe the level and types of support he/she will need to successfully participate in all aspects of a Daemen College experience.

Coast Line College
11460 Warner Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 546-7600
Coast Line College Student Success Center
(714) 241-6285

The special education program for students with special needs is housed at this site. This college has a main office in Fountain Valley and campuses in cities throughout Orange County including, Anaheim and Costa Mesa.

Coast Line College, Costa Mesa campus
Contact: Celeste Ryan, Coordinator of Services (Special Education Services) (714) 241-6214
2990 Mesa Verde Drive East
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

School of Continuing Education, North Orange County Community
College District
Disabled Student programs and Services: Contact: Mary Ann
(714) 484-7041

Fullerton campus
315 Wilshire Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 992-7700

Anaheim campus
1830 West Romneya, Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 808-4500

Cypress Campus
9200 Valley View Blvd., Cypress, CA 90630 (714) 484-7038


Provide classes for teens as well as those wishing to get their GED. Students do not receive grades or credits, but must demonstrate measurable progress in their classes.

Students who have a disability must speak with a counselor prior to registering and provide proof of disability such as school records, IEP document, or
doctor’s note. Classes for students with disabilities progress more slowly and tutors are available. These classes are available on all 3 campuses as well as off site locations.

Off site classes are provided at Braille Institute in Anaheim, West View Vocational Center in Anaheim, Orange County Association for Retarded Citizens on Carl Karcher Way in Anaheim, Empower and Enriching on Ketella avenue.

TASK’s mission is to enable children with disabilities to reach their maximum potential by providing their families and the professionals who serve them, with training, support, information, resources and referrals, and by providing community awareness programs.

TASK does not advise parents as to the nature of the child’s disability or needs, nor does TASK recommend placements or therapeutic procedures, advocates, attorneys or other referral sources. Please understand that the above named suggestions are not recommendations or endorsements made by staff.