Universal Design, Accessibility and the Streets of Lima, Peru

Two small busses on the street at night.
© Dave Nold

Strolling through San Isidro, a municipality of Lima, Peru, you get the impression that they had accessibility in mind. Curb cuts on every corner, ramps leading into stores, restaurants and some private homes. And plenty of clearly marked blue spots for parking. I wonder how strictly the parking was enforced since when crossing the street I learned that Stop signs are more of a suggestion.

Blue parking spot with blue wheelchair sign and curb cuts in the sidewalk.
© Dave Nold
Curb cuts from sidewalk through median strip to other side of street
© Dave Nold

Architect Jaime Heurta gave a presentation at last month’s RightsNow! Peru where he gives some background on what has been accomplished and the work that is still left to do.

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