I Have MS. The Changes Congress Wants to Make to Medicaid Terrify Me.

Michael seated in a wheelchair outside under a shade treeMy name is Michael Ogg. I am quadriplegic due to multiple sclerosis. This is how proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will affect me personally.

I have had progressive MS for over 20 years and, as a result, cannot independently perform any activities of daily living (ADLs) but am able to live in my own house with extensive long-term services and supports (LTSS) provided by very dedicated home health aides. Two years ago I had major surgery for G.I. cancer and now have regular oncology checkups and annual PET scans as well as being on daily medication.

All of this is possible because I have received SSDI for many years and also receive Medicare.

While Medicare covers my healthcare, it does not cover my support services. Because of the onset of my illness 20 years ago, my longterm insurance has ended. My savings will soon run out and my only option will be Medicaid.

I am terrified. If anything close to the current proposals becomes law, people like me will completely run out of options. After having held on for over 20 years to stay on top of this disease, and more recently struggled for two years with cancer, the ultimate shame on our country would be to be defeated by the meanness and cruelty of this legislation.

I implore the United States Congress, and everybody else in the government, to do what you can to make sure this cruelty does not become law.

Michael Ogg
West Windsor, NJ


Michael’s Interview from DREDF’s 2011 HEALTHCARE STORIES series.

3 thoughts on “I Have MS. The Changes Congress Wants to Make to Medicaid Terrify Me.”

  1. Congress knows the heath care web site is a FRAUD
    Time to get rid of the single payer scam
    Medicaid is being manipulated

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