Universal Design, Accessibility and the Streets of Lima, Peru

Two small busses on the street at night.
© Dave Nold

Strolling through San Isidro, a municipality of Lima, Peru, you get the impression that they had accessibility in mind. Curb cuts on every corner, ramps leading into stores, restaurants and some private homes. And plenty of clearly marked blue spots for parking. I wonder how strictly the parking was enforced since when crossing the street I learned that Stop signs are more of a suggestion.
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Beyond Outrage: Civil Rights, Not Pity

Arlene Mayerson,
Directing Attorney, DREDF
I have been thinking a lot about how outraged people and the media are about Donald Trump’s mocking of Serge Kovaleski, a disabled reporter. Polls show that this mockery is the most unpopular of all of Trump’s outrageous racist, sexist, xenophobic, bullying, insulting statements and portrayals. As a disability rights lawyer for the last almost 40 years, I have been pondering this reaction. I am wondering how this reaction relates to the aims of the disability rights movement to fight against discrimination, segregation and exclusion.
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Memories from the Celebration

ACCESS IS THE BEST MEDICINE: Fighting for Equality in Health Care

Photos and Videos from DREDF’s 37th Anniversary

September 15, 2016

Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, California

Mary Lou and Denise seated at a table and laughing.

Left to right: Mary Lou Breslin and Denise Sherer Jacobson

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Arlene Mayerson Honored by the American Bar Association

Arlene Mayerson holding the award

DREDF’s Directing Attorney Arlene Mayerson was honored this evening in San Francisco by the American Bar Association. The ABA Commission on Disability Rights presented the Paul G. Hearne Award for Disability Rights to Arlene for her role in the vanguard of the disability rights movement, her brilliant contributions to disability rights law and policy, and for her passion to continue to identify and eliminate barriers to equality for children and adults with disabilities.

We are proud to have Arlene as a leader and friend and mentor, and thankful that as a young lawyer her drive to work in civil rights led her to DREDF and the disability rights movement.