Healthcare Access

About DREDF’s Healthcare Work

Close-up of the wheel of a wheelchair and wheelchair user's hand.

People with disabilities experience a range of physical, programmatic and systemic barriers when they try to access healthcare. We work out ways to apply existing laws and principles of disability non-discrimination in the complicated context of how health care services are delivered in this country.


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) releases seminal paper, Compounded Disparities: Health Equity at the Intersection of Disability, Race, and Ethnicity (PDF), authored by DREDF staff and colleagues. January 2018

The Community Living Policy Center releases Promoting Physical and Programmatic Accessibility in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs (PDF), a new paper published in collaboration with DREDF. July 2017

DREDF releases new videos showing why Congress should not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or cut Medicaid healthcare and home and community based–services. April 2017

DREDF releases two new Issue Briefs that highlight promising collaborations between aging and disability organizations, Medicaid managed care organizations, and heath and mental health care providers. The organizations involved in these collaborations are working to improve health for older adults and people with disabilities while also reducing emergency department visits, hospital admissions and re-hospitalizations. July 2016

ISSUE BRIEF (PDF): Care1st Health Plan and Access to Independence, San Diego County, California (Updated 12.15.16)

ISSUE BRIEF (PDF): FREED Center for Independent Living, Grass Valley, California and the Area Agency on Aging, Sacramento, California (Updated 12.12.16)

DREDF releases​, The Case for Including Functional Limitation Measures in Electronic Health Records (PDF), an​ Issue Brief that supports including either the American Community Survey (ACS) set of six disability questions or other equivalent functional limitation measures in electronic health records.
April 2016

DREDF comments on HHS Office for Civil Rights proposed anti-discrimination rules under the Affordable Care Act. November 2015