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Denise Sherer Jacobson, a writer and disability educator, lives in Oakland, California. She has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair. She is married and has an adult son who is 25.

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“The new doctor really didn’t take me seriously, which I kind of expected because I know that in the medical profession…doctors don’t have a lot of experience with people with disabilities and also people with speech impairments…”

“He started asking me questions…I would get out a word or two and then he would cut me off and go on to the next question. “He treated me like I was a dog or a cat, you know, [like] I wasn’t a human being.”

“Here’s the letter from the specialist of endocrinology…” “We saw this unfortunate 57 year old woman in our office on March 10…My impression is she is far more intelligent than she looks to me.”

“…many of us are faced with bias and prejudice so when we go to get our health needs addressed, we’ve got to overcome the misconceptions…”

2 thoughts on “Denise Sherer Jacobson

  1. Loretta Brooks

    Hello Denise Sherer Jacobson
    Watched all your videos online as I am enrolled “Psychology of the Disabled”at Middlesex Community College in Edison, NJ. This was one of our assignments from our professor Yvonne Singer who has CP. I’ve not met her face to face as this is an on-line course and her story is amazing as well. Thank you for being an advocate for the disabled and for your on-line YouTube videos. They made me laugh, cry, get angry, but more importantly, really made me feel connected to you.

  2. Denise Sherer Jacobson

    Hi Loretta,

    So glad you found my story helpful!

    In case you’re interested in other aspects of disability beside my healthcare experience, check out my book, THE QUESTION OF DAVID: A Disabled Mother’s Journey Through Adoption, Family, and Life, on

    Good luck in your studies!


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