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Welfare and Institutions Code – Intellectual Disabilities

March 14, 2012
SB 1381 is a simple measure that provides an important terminology change to the disabled community throughout California. The term "mentally retarded" is outdated, pejorative, and not in current professional use in agencies, associations, and other countries. When it was originally introduced, the term "mentally retarded" or "mental retardation" was a medical term with a specific clinical connotation. However, today, the "R-word" is most commonly used to degrade or insult people.

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Sanchez v. Johnson

May 4, 2000
The lawsuit challenged the State's failure to increase wages of direct care workers for persons with disabilities residing in the community, resulting in turnover in excess of 50 percent a year. California had increased rates paid to community providers for wages insubstantially since 1989. As a result, workers in community facilities are paid 54 percent of what similar workers in California's institutions are paid. Only two states in the nation paid less per person than California for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services.

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