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DREDF comments on CMS’s proposed new rule for Medicaid Managed Care submitted 7/27/15

July 27, 2015
DREDF has submitted comments focusing on those aspects of the rule that deal with accessibility for people with disabilities and provider network adequacy, as well as some additional topics of particular concern to the disability community.

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Improving Access to Health Care for People with Disabilities

November 28, 2014
DREDF releases self-directed health care training modules for aging and disability organizations. Improving Access to Health Care for People with Disabilities is intended to help senior, disability, and affinity organizations to develop their capacity to assist people with disabilities access health care and long-term services and supports (LTSS).

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Groundbreaking Settlement Agreement with San Francisco

September 18, 2008
San Francisco, California — Today in federal district court, Judge William H. Alsup granted final approval of the settlement agreement in the civil rights class action filed to prevent unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities at Laguna Honda Hospital, Chambers et al. v. City and County of San Francisco. The settlement will greatly increase community-based housing and service options in San Francisco as well as improve coordination of care.

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