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DREDF Demands Action After State Fails To Protect Children From Abuse In Special Education

January 15, 2016
DREDF, the ACLU, and Disability Rights California delivered a demand letter to officials at the California Department of Education that calls for an independent monitor to investigate abusive practices at segregated special education sites all across the state. The demand came days after the release of a disturbing video showing a 9-year-old student with disabilities being restrained and hit by staffers at Tobinworld, a publicly-funded special education school in Antioch, California.

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Keeping All Students Safe Act (reintroduced)

April 22, 2013
Efforts to reduce restraint and seclusion should be part of a strategy for school-wide safety and should include the development of district-wide policies, training for all educational staff, crisis preparation, interagency cooperation and student/parent participation. Proactive approaches need to be used, e.g., positive behavior interventions and supports that are safe, effective, and evidence-based. Research demonstrates that the use of preventative and positive approaches is a cost-saving approach that changes how schools respond to students, improving student behavior by promoting and reinforcing desired behaviors and eliminating the unintended reinforcement of and need to respond to problem behaviors.

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