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In 1997, a grand celebration was held commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the 504 Sit-in in S.F. and subsequent signing of the 504 Regulations. Over 600 people attended. We used the opportunity to record video recollections of many of the participants of the sit-in.

There were videos of the original. There were speeches by participants. There was a moment of silence and lots of poignant memories about participants who have given their lives, over the intervening years, that OUR lives might be better. There was food and laughter and dancing and friendship.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this the wonderful success that it truly was. We hope to have more about the event on these pages in the near future.

These demonstrations changed the course of civil rights history, and resulted in the signing of the 1977 Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) regulations implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the first federal civil rights protections for persons with disabilities in the history of the United States.

In conjunction with the anniversary, the 504 20th Anniversary Celebration and Commemoration Committee had produced a number of educational materials, including an 18 minute video, a one hour radio documentary, and a 64 page commemorative book. All proceeds go directly into a fund to finance future 504 history projects.

The following educational materials were produced in conjunction with the 504 20th Anniversary Celebration and Commemoration.

The Power of 504

Award-winning 18-minute documentary video, which captures the drama and emotions of the historic civil rights demonstration of people with disabilities in 1977, resulting in the signing of the 504 Regulations, the first Federal Civil Rights Law protecting people with disabilities. Includes contemporary news footage and news interviews with participants and demonstation leaders. Available in open caption, audio descriptive and standard formats.

We Shall Not Be Moved

One hour audio documentary featuring contemporary media coverage. Transcript available.

Commemorative Book

64 Pages of articles, photos of sit in. Available in standard print, large print and computer diskette formats.

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Historical accounts about the 504 sit-in

A Layperson’s Guide to Section 504 by Peter Coppelman

Voices of 504 Reprinted from The Independent, Summer 1977

Section 504 History – Overview by Kitty Cone

A Moving Wave by Tarri L. Tanaka

Remembrance of Things Past by Michael Williams

Confronting the D.C. Power by Michael Williams

Archived photos of the 504 sit-in

Partial List of Sponsoring Organizations

Sponsored by the 504 Sit-In 20th Anniversary Celebration Committee