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Health Equity and Accountability Act

June 1, 2012
The Health Equity and Accountability Act recognizes that additional steps must be taken to specifically address health care disparities and provides additional tools necessary to address and eliminate health and health care disparities experienced by minority and underserved communities. It is an important move towards creating a sustainable health care system that can pave the road to health equity.

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CMS Approval of "Duals" Demonstrations Moving Rapidly

April 4, 2012
Many states are setting up programs for people with disabilities and seniors who are on both Medicaid and Medicare. It is essential that advocates engage with their state officials and CMS on these "duals" initiatives. DREDF, the National Senior Citizens Law Center and others are working to protect the rights of people with disabilities in this process.

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Chambers et al. v. City and County of San Francisco

September 18, 2008
Judge Alsup approved the settlement agreement in Chambers et al. v. City and County of San Francisco. The settlement will prevent unnecessary institutionalization and increase community-based housing and service options in San Francisco. The Chambers press release has additional information.

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