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Proposed Federal Legislation to Increase Healthcare Accessibility

July 19, 2007
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has introduced legislation to establish accessibility standards for medical diagnostic equipment and create wellness grants to fund health programs that focus on the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

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Laguna Honda Residents Sue San Francisco for Discrimination

October 13, 2006
Residents of Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco, the nation's largest public nursing home, have filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that they are unnecessarily confined at the facility and are capable of living in their own homes or in the community, a claim supported by the 1999 US Supreme Court Olmstead decision.

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Sanchez v. Johnson

May 4, 2000
The lawsuit challenged the State's failure to increase wages of direct care workers for persons with disabilities residing in the community, resulting in turnover in excess of 50 percent a year. California had increased rates paid to community providers for wages insubstantially since 1989. As a result, workers in community facilities are paid 54 percent of what similar workers in California's institutions are paid. Only two states in the nation paid less per person than California for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services.

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