Blind IHSS Recipients needed to Test new Way to Approve Timesheets

Timesheets formDREDF and DRC are working with the California Departments of Social Services and Health Care Services to make the IHSS program accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals. Blind IHSS Recipients in Alameda, Sacramento, or Santa Clara County are needed to test a new way to approve your timesheets. Continue reading

Transportation Update: Where We've Gone and What We've Learned

Metro train with the NCD logoOn May 4, the National Council on Disability published a major report authored by Marilyn Golden, DREDF Senior Policy Analyst. The Update is a comprehensive analysis of surface transportation in the United States today, covering bus, train, and paratransit systems… Continue reading

Advanced Training Webinar on California's Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI)​

Justice in Aging and DREDF logosCalifornia is moving forward with the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI), including the federally–approved dual eligible demonstration known as Cal MediConnect. The CCI started April 1, 2014, in certain counties, and is ongoing. This advanced training webinar was presented by DREDF’s Silvia Yee and Amber Cutler with Justice in Aging. Continue reading

Antioch School Officials Agree to Groundbreaking Collaboration

Equal Justice Society, NCYL and DREDFOfficials of the Antioch Unified School District have announced a groundbreaking effort to identify the causes of disparities in school discipline by examining the subtle, complex, and often unintentional ways in which race, disability and discipline intersect. Continue reading



The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), founded in 1979, is a leading national civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities.


  • Lack of Oversight of Restraint and Seclusion in Special Education
    by Robert Borrelle May 18, 2015 - padded room used for seclusion
    On April 19, 2015, EdSource published an investigative report that explores the California Department of Education's (CDE) lack of oversight of restraint and seclusion in special education. The report concludes that the July 2013 repeal of the Hughes Bill—a law that imposed data collection and other oversight obligations on CDE and regional special education agencies—has created "a shadow discipline system in many special education classrooms, where minimally trained classroom aides have significant leeway in using emergency interventions to manage disruptive students."
    Continue reading
  • Support the Center for Independent Living – Kathmandu, Nepal
    by Susan Henderson May 14, 2015 - Staff at CIL – KathmanduAt the end of 2013, I had the good fortune to visit Nepal as part of an exchange on disability and leadership. While I was in Kathmandu, I visited the Center for Independent Living - Kathmandu and discovered what an amazing crew they are. Before the earthquake, the CIL-Kathmandu was already doing very cool work in a very inaccessible environment. After the news of the earthquake,I could only imagine what it must be like for them and our sisters and brothers with disabilities now, so I checked in with CIL-K, and indeed they are working in an even more challenging environment.
    Continue reading
  • Celebrating Kitty Cone: 1944 – 2015
    by Mary Lou Breslin May 7, 2015 - Close up of Kitty laughingLong-time DREDF champion, staffer, and former member of the board of directors, Kitty Cone died at her home in Berkeley, California on Saturday, March 21, 2015. She was 70. Kitty was closely aligned with DREDF for nearly two decades, endorsing and supporting our use of law and policy as instruments for long-term reform.
    Continue reading
  • Head Butting About Wiping Bottoms
    by Denise Sherer Jacobson April 16, 2015 - "Let's face it, disability sucks!"
    Denise Sherer JacobsonHow many times have we, people living with disabilities, heard that statement—or a similar one—coming from the lips of some well–meaning person? Eager to show affinity, sympathy, empathy, they share instead their flawed perception of what it is like to live with a disability. How many times do we find ourselves speechless, unable to respond to a remark that insults the dignity in our identity as people with disabilities? Well, setting our manners aside, this is what most of us would really like to say... Continue reading


  • Barriers‎ and Solutions — Three Short Videos
    by DREDF February, 2014 - Focusing on widespread barriers to care, these three, short video excerpts from our acclaimed HEALTHCARE STORIES series feature stories about inaccessible examination tables and weight scales and healthcare provider misperceptions and stereotypes. Advocates and practitioners alike recount their personal experiences and recommend actions for improving care. These downloadable videos present an all-important human perspective and affirm the barriers to care identified in a decade of research.

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