The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), founded in 1979, is a leading national civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities.

Disability Rights Leadership Institute on BioethicsA groundbreaking event for disability rights advocates to advance the disability rights perspective on bioethics issues. A‌‌pril 25 and 26, 2‌‌014. Registration is closed.
For more information visit the DRLIB website.

  • Stay Tuned: GLAD, et al. v. CNN
    by Robert Borrelle February 6, 2014 - Wolf BlitzerCongress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, a few years before society began to move from Main Street to the Internet. Faced with ever-changing (and inaccessible) technologies, the disability rights community has worked tirelessly to bring the ADA and other disability rights laws into the digital age. DREDF's own precedent-setting consent decree in NAD, et al. v. Netflix was a crucial step in this effort to ensure people with disabilities have full access to the Internet. Stay Tuned: GLAD, et al. v. CNN
  • Meet Eileen Cronin
    by Susan Henderson January 21, 2014 - Meet Eileen Cronin author of Mermaid, A Memoir of Resilience
    Monday, February 10, 2014, 7:00 pm at The Ed Roberts Campus - 3075 Adeline Street (at the Ashby BART Station) Berkeley.

    Eileen will discuss and sign copies of Mermaid. Mermaid will be on sale at the event. Cash only. Meet Eileen Cronin
  • Yui Yanagihara Has a Passion For Justice
    by Silvia Yee January 16, 2014 - Yui YanagiharaWhen I was first approached about being Yui Yanagihara's supervisor during her international legal internship with DREDF, I felt that I had some sense of who she was even before she arrived. As a young woman traveling on her own halfway across the world to take on coursework and assignments in a second language, I was sure that she was resourceful, adventurous and determined. Yui Yanagihara Has a Passion For Justice
  • FIXED: East Bay Premiere at the ERC
    by Ingrid Tischer December 8, 2013 - Lisa Simpson with BracesI've now seen Regan Brashear's wonderfully thought-provoking documentary, Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement, twice, most recently, last night at the DREDF co-sponsored screening here at the Ed Roberts Campus. To my surprise, I'm accepting that I may well be "transhuman" or "The Six Million Dollar Co-Payment." FIXED: East Bay Premiere at the ERC
  • The Center for Independent Living – Kathmandu Gang
    by Susan Henderson November 27, 2013 - The Kathmandu CIL Gang View full sizeIndependent living in Kathmandu is challenging — like I mentioned, there is no accessible transit, there are very few sidewalks and no curb cuts, and the streets are not safe (traffic is chaotic). There is very little accessible housing, and before CIL, no personal assistance services. Additionally, all assistive devices, until very recently, came from outside the country and were difficult to get. (Whirlwind Wheelchairs — they're interested in talking to you.) ... The Center for Independent Living – Kathmandu Gang


  • Barriers‎ and Solutions
    by DREDF February 5, 2014 - DREDF is pleased to announce the release of three, new short videos from our acclaimed HEALTHCARE STORIES series. Focusing on common and widespread barriers to care, the new videos feature stories about inaccessible examination tables and weight scales and healthcare provider misperceptions and stereotypes. They also recommend actions for improving care. These downloadable videos not only present an all-important human perspective, they also affirm the barriers to care that a decade of research has revealed. Barriers‎ and Solutions

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