DREDF Investigating Public Benefits Website Access

Dear Persons with Disabilities and Disability Organizations,

We need your help to ensure accessibility of three important websites!

These websites exist so Californians can learn about some public benefits and apply for them online. The benefits include: CalWORKs, Refugee Assistance, Cal Fresh, Medi-Cal, Foster Care, CMSP, KinGAP, CAPI, Foster Care/Adoptions, and General Assistance programs.

The websites are:

Please let us know if these websites are accessible to you and your assistive technology!

Please use the technical resources in your organizations to assess these websites’s accessibility to your members and let us know what you find out!

You may send your input to:
Taymour Ravandi, Attorney
Disability Rights California
(916) 504-5800

Larisa Cummings, Attorney
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
(800) 348-4232

Antionette Dozier, Attorney
Western Center on Law & Poverty
(213) 235-2629