Oregon Suicide Data Misleading

US Newswire
Byline: A.J. Hammer, Brooke Anderson
March 8, 2006

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Tomorrow Oregon will release their data on their only seven year old experience with doctor assisted suicide.

Supporters of the California measure say that, in Oregon, assisted suicide is free of complication and is carried out according to strict safeguards. They claim there is rigorous scrutiny to prevent any problems.

Data has been shown through Oregon newspaper reports, watchdog groups, and testimony to the British House of Lords that their claims are just plain false.

The words of the very individuals who have been involved in assisted-suicide in Oregon — those who implement it, compile official reports about it, or prescribe the lethal drugs discredit these “so-called” official reports. Their own words clearly show that the so-called safeguards are not protective and that monitoring is close to non-existent.

Assisted Suicide is opposed by over two dozen state and national disability rights organizations. Disability Rights, Education and Defense is part of the coalition Californians Against Assisted Suicide.