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"Disability Rights Law: Roots, Present Challenges, and Future Collaborations" by Arlene Mayerson. Disability rights and legal aid lawyers must collaborate to fix the damage caused by the US Supreme Court's decisions narrowing the protections and remedies for people with disabilities. Clearinghouse Review, Vol. 41, Nos.5-6, Sept-Oct 2007.


"Disability Civil Rights and the Promise of Technology" by Arlene Mayerson. A brief examination of the interaction between advances in technology and disability civil rights. March 2007


"Defining Disability in the Aftermath of Sutton (Where Do We Go from Here?)" by Arlene B. Mayerson and Kristan S. Mayer. Winter 2000.


"The History of the ADA: A Movement Perspective" by Arlene B. Mayerson. July 1992.


"ADA Bursts Barriers But Not Stereotypes" DREDF's response to Michael Kinsley's June 27, 2002 article in Slate, "Disabilities and Inabilities. Must We Pay to Hear Bad Pianists" (July 12, 2002).


"ADA Paratransit Eligibility: How to Make Your Case" DREDF, in cooperation with Equip for Equality (Illinois Protection & Advocacy), has developed a guide to assist people with disabilities to obtain an accurate and fair determination of their ADA paratransit eligibility. This document is available for free distribution. July 2003.


Law Review Articles


"Symposium: Facing The Challenges Of The ADA: The First Ten Years and Beyond."
Article: "The ADA and Models of Equality
Arlene B. Mayerson and Silvia Yee
Ohio State Law Journal, 2001
62 Ohio St. L.J. 535
Copyright (c) 2001


"Symposium: "Defining The Parameters of Coverage Under the Americans with Disabilities Act: Who is 'An Individual with a Disability?'"
Article: Restoring Regard for the 'Regarded As' Prong: Giving Effect to Congressional Intent
Arlene B. Mayerson
Villanova University, Villanova Law Review, 1997
42 Vill. L. Rev. 587
Copyright (c) 1997


"Obesity Discrimination in the Workplace: Protection Through a Perceived Disability Claim Under the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act"
Karen M. Kramer and Arlene B. Mayerson
California Western School of Law, California Western Law Review, Fall 1994
31 Cal. W. L. Rev. 41
Copyright (c) 1994



The following Historic Articles/Publications are available for purchase. You can order by phone, or mail.


"Law Reform in Disability Rights, Articles and Concept Papers," Vol. 1, 1981, by Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1981. $25.00


"Law Reform in Disability Rights, Articles and Concept Papers," Vol. 2, 1981, by Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1981. $25.00